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Call of the Soul

How often do we engage with the wonder of our being, recognizing our uniqueness in the world? How often do we listen to the call of our souls, trying to find a path that represents our true nature? But it is a journey of wonder, revealing the many facets of our human potential.

My husband Pradeep is one person who always followed the call of his soul. When we were first married, he was spending hours in meditation and in reading of philosophy, both from the East and the West. To begin with, I couldn’t understand this dedication to his inner path. But over our years of married life, I have observed how his determination to shape his own unique identity has brought him fulfillment.

He has developed his own set of teachings called Naturality, a path that can help people in their quest to forge an identity that is theirs alone. He describes Naturality as “not religious, not spiritual, but natural”. It’s an approach that draws on wisdom from both East and West, celebrating a way of life that is grounded in ethical and committed living, combined with a relentless quest to pursue one’s own unique nature.

Pradeep has taken a new name for himself – Jivasu – that signifies his commitment to his inner path. He’s shared his ideas with people in Canada and several other countries, offering invitations to join him in this work. Naturality has now evolved into a movement, engaging people from many walks of life. Pradeep has never styled himself as a guru – in fact, he vigorously resists any attempt for people to cast him in that role. He believes that seekers must find their own path in life, and that the teachings of Naturality can be used as guideposts along the way.

The Naturality movement is establishing a base in Rishikesh, the sacred town of the bank of the Ganges River in north India. For millennia, seekers from all over the world have come to Rishikesh to listen to the words of sages, and to explore their own inner paths. This is the place where Pradeep and I began our married life, 32 years ago. Our lives are moving in a great spiral, circling back to where we began our journey together. How mysterious and fascinating!

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