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About Me

Karen Trollope-Kumar studied medicine at Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia. In her fourth year of medical studies she met her future husband, Pradeep, on a student visit to Lucknow. 


After graduation, she worked as a family physician in Thunder Bay before moving to India to marry the man she loved. Their health work in the Himalayan foothills involved both hospital-based work as well as primary health care in remote villages. They have two adult children, Sonia and Raman, who spent their early childhood in India. 


After returning to Canada in 1996, Karen completed a PhD in medical anthropology, the study of health in its social and environmental context. She worked as a family physician in Hamilton and also became actively involved in medical education at McMaster University. 


She currently serves as Chief Medical Officer at Body Brave, a Hamilton-based charitable organization focused on providing treatment and support for people with eating disorders.  Body Brave has become a leader in the use of cutting-edge technology to empower people struggling with these complex brain-based illnesses. Visit the Body Brave website at for more information about the organization.  

Photograph by Oh Sierra.

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