Cloud Messenger

How can we cross religious and cultural boundaries? Raising this enduring question, this is a story of adventure and idealism, culture and medicine, faith and love.

Awards and Recognition:

Letter of Distinction, Humber College

Canada Book Award

Next Generation Indie Book Awards (Finalist in the Memoir Section)

Kirkus Star Review

100 Best Indie Books of 2017, Kirkus Reviews

"This is a wise book, with profound thoughts about culture, spirituality, values, and family life. There is subtle, gentle humour, and lyrical descriptions of mountain scenery. There is so much to enjoy as well as so much to learn, so much to make you think, that this is a book to own and to reread."
- John M Last, OC, MD Emeritus Professor, University of Ottawa


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Trollope-Kumar’s prose is evocative throughout...In this luminous memoir, she captures both India’s charm and its deep poverty and squalor without ever succumbing to exoticism, and she renders the people she encounters with sensitivity and insight."
- Kirkus Star Reviews