Nothing is Settled, Everything Matters

Here are some fascinating words to reflect upon for the New Year. The piece in italics was written by Robert Walsh.
Nothing is settled. Everything matters.”
You can’t escape the consequences of your actions or the chances of the world. What is not settled is how the story turns out. What is not settled is what the meaning of your life will be.  The meaning of a life is not contained within one act, or one day, or one year...What is done is done, but nothing is settled. And if nothing is settled, then everything matters. Every choice, every act in the new year matters. Every word, every deed is making the meaning of your life and telling the story of the world. Everything matters in the years coming, and more importantly, everything matters today.
In Cloud Messenger, a dramatic turning point comes near the end of the book, when Pradeep and I decide to leave our work in India and move to Canada.  I feel deeply disillusioned, and struggle with a sense of meaninglessness. What was my journey to India all about? It seemed as if the narrative of my life had torn apart, and nothing made sense anymore.  Yet now, with the perspective of many years, I can see deeper layers of meaning in my life that I had not been able to perceive at that time. I had no idea how the story of my life would evolve at that time. And yet as I grow older, I perceive the richness and mystery of that story in ever greater depth.