Finding Your Path

Finding one's true path in life - what a difficult task that can be! And yet, it is perhaps the most important task that we all face, because when we discover that path our energy, our talent and our strength can pour forth in a life-giving stream. Some fortunate people discover their true path in life at an early age. Perhaps they have a great talent that becomes the driving passion of their life. Perhaps a personality trait, such as a gift for leadership, shines forth even when they are children. And yet for most of us, our true path in life is shrouded in mystery. We may not have one great talent or passion, or we may not have the opportunity to pursue it. Our path in life may be limited by circumstance or shaped by social convention.

In Cloud Messenger, this theme that is woven throughout the narrative. I ask myself this question again and again - What is my true path in life? I begin my journey as a naïve and idealistic young woman who marries a man very different from herself, and moves to a land whose culture and religion are alien to me. As I come face to face with the difficulties of the life I have chosen, I feel lost and bewildered. My assumptions about life are tested, and my core values are challenged.
During the years I spend in the Himalayas, I often catch a glimpse of that elusive path I am seeking. But when my glass castle of illusion about my work in India shatters, I lose hope of ever finding that true path. When I painfully emerge from that devastating loss, I gradually begin to understand the deeper dimensions of my search.

Cloud Messenger challenges readers to ponder that great question for themselves. What is my true path in life? And how do I find it?